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The Legion stands today as the world's ultimate fighting force, sanctioned as the official military of the World Union government. Our roots here at the Legion sprout from the former super-power, The United States of America, and it's military fighting force, The Marine Corps. Since the foundation of the World Union, however, we have adopted techniques, tactics, and technologies used in military organizations across the globe. This intigration of cultures and combative techniques has fascetted the most elite military fighting force on Earth.

Here among 4th Battalion, we pride ourselves with the purpose of making a better future for the citizens of our world. By protecting and promoting peace across the globe, and by bringing an end to those who would wish to disrupt it. Our medical and research facilities, operated by World Union citizens of different cultures and backgrounds, work continually to find cures for diseases that plague many cultures of the World Union.

The remote wilderness of Alaska has served as a perfect base of operations for many UAC Projects. It serves both home to the 8th Fleet, World Union Navy, and as well, 4th Battalion, World Union Marine Corps. This has made it a safe location for research and medical studies, and as well, a staging point for counter terrorism operations between the artic regions of North America and former Soviet Russia.

At the very spear point of 4th Battalion's counter-terrorism efforts stands LIMA Company, operating in the vicinity of Midian Island, roughly 200 miles south east of Kodiak Bay. They're efforts push forward to stabilizing a region oppressed by terrorist regimes, and promoting peace towards it's populace.
 Leadership Overview

Major Johoel Argento
Commanding Officer
LIMA Company, 4th Battalion

Captain Jack Herrick
Second In Command
LIMA Company, 4th Battalion
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